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Welcome to Awakening Your Destiny!

MY VISION: Supporting People, Communities and Organizations to Heal & Grow to their Full Potential!

Hi I’m Tracy Roy and I believe each of us has a destination and the journey should be light as intended.  It is my mission in life to assist individuals and communities to redefine their journeys through coaching and inner healing so they may reach their full potential.

For over 20 years I have worked with individuals, communities and organizations to define what they want and create strategies to achieve their goals.  I feel honoured and privileged when given the opportunity to assist others with their personal growth.

Over 2 years ago chose to leave behind my corporate career and created Awakening Your Destiny.  My purpose for this was to be able to serve my community and bring people together to strengthen our society across all cultures.  I now dedicate my time to assisting others with healing and achieving their life aspirations. 

I am excited to be offering my services and working collaboratively with individuals, organizations and communities.  

Are you looking to define a new direction? Need assistance to create a new path or get going on your goals? Want to explore coaching or inner healing? Then Let's Begin!

I offer the following services:

Free Consultation Sessions

Professional/Personal Coaching (personal, career, business)

Prayer Support

(donations accepted but not expected)

Workshops and Retreats

Strategic Planning


Implementation Services


It would be my honour to assist you with whatever you need to continue on your journey or find your path. It is about you being happy with your life so don't be hesitant to ask a question or try something new.  


To connect:

Book a Session via my booking page


Call/text me at 306-550-2024

Email t.stewart@sasktel.net

Facebook Message me @

Awakening Your Destiny (https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningYourDestiny/)


Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Industrial Relations Organizational Development Certificate, Facilitator Certification

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