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BE PRESENT - How About Mindfulness Meditation

The world keeps us busy and no sooner do we lift up our heads and we wonder what we have missed.  There is a wonderful mindfulness technique that a therapist shared with me a few years ago.  I was struggling to find tools that worked for me to get me off my “work-aholic” mindset and re-engaged with life. 


(Yes this is me on a camel!  I love riding camels... it is a indulgence for a Canadian girl for sure!)


So as I am winding down today at my practice, preparing for some vacation time, I thought I would share this life-saver of an exercise that has helped me immensely.  I love it so much I share with anyone that will listen that is having difficulty slowing down and taking in life.


I guarantee if you do this exercise for 30 days straight you will notice a difference in your discipline to be present.


So here is it! 


Go for a 20 min walk (or some sort of personal activity) and leave your phone off or behind.


While walking engage all of your senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste (yes all of them)


Just focus on each of your different senses and see what comes up… you’ll be amazed what you have been missing out on when doing such a simple thing like walking.


As you walk, if you have various thoughts that come into your mind just acknowledge them and then gently let them go.


That’s it… simple, easy, inexpensive tools!!!


Have Fun With It & Enjoy!!!

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