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Do you have the “January Blues” or a Funk you just need to break out of!?!  Feeling like you should have Resolutions…… but just not that motivated to get into it.... GOOD! YOU’RE AWARE A CHANGE IS “A BREWING” FOR YOU! YEAH!


Since your reading this you likely looking for easy-peasy ways to get motivated or at least get out of your “quasi-coma” more than 10 seconds.  And I’m gonna share a few tips that I do that are easy, cost nothing and requires only what you’re willing to commit to!


TIP #1: Recognize You’re in “DEBBIE DOWNER SYNDOME”

  • Just recognize you feel unmotivated (or like “Debbie Downer”) AND JUST DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING (even if it is very small)….. that’s all that is required…. NOTHING FANCY

  • THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL STEP….. IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICE (and I have suffered from chronic depression so trust me on this one)



  • DO WHAT YOU LOVE… it can be anything… reading, physical activity of any sort, something creative, reminisce over old photos, go for coffee, pamper yourself…. (I’ll share my own list shortly & others too)

  • JUST DO SOMETHING…. a body in “motion” stays in “motion” as they say  … it doesn’t have to be something physical just something you enjoy

  • And doing something should be on your terms FOR THE DURATION AND LEVEL OF EFFORT YOU FEEL LIKE committing to… not what we think we should do, what we think others expect of us or what others try to convince us to do…. JUST BE YOU!



  • Just as the song goes….. “I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad” (My Favorite Things Lyrics)

  • Just make a list of “MY FAVORITE THINGS”, put it somewhere you can find it later when you can’t think of things to do …. and if doing something on the list doesn’t tickle your fancy… maybe just looking at the list and reminiscing over the memories associated with them will LIFT YOUR SPIRIT


Here’s my list and a few other things my extended family enjoy.  OH BYE THE WAY…. My Favorite Things take me to a place where I think of nothing else, my mind is quiet and I experience peace and joy….  HAPPY “FAVORITE THINGING IT”!


My Activities… Fishing & Walking are my #1… Listening to Music, Swimming, Dog Training, Cooking, Gardening, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Roller Blading, Dancing, Skiing, Skating, Tobogganing, Reading, Energy Healing, Massage, Pedicure, Camping, Boxing, Archery


Extended Family Suggestions…. I think these are awesome as they are so different than mine… Anything Crafty, Photography, Making a To Do List, Cleaning, Finishing Any Kind of “Job”, Watching Sports, Going to A Movie


I think you get the idea.  I hope this list helps you make your own list.  AND REMEMBER… sometimes doing nothing without guilt is our best gift to ourselves and can be a motivator too. 

So with that I will sign off… BE EASY WITH YOURSELF!




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