intuitive healing

Single Session
$80 (60 min)

What is Intuitive Healing?

Whether you are on a spiritual journey of awakening, or if you are just interested in experiencing other spiritual based modalities.  Then this is the session to book.

Intuitive Healing is an integrated approach using a number of healing modalities to address the mind body and soul of the individual.  These sessions are used for physical healing, spiritual growth and soul restoration.  We will collaborate to create what you are looking for. 

Through this process we are able to consider spiritual contracts, spiritual healing, cellular reactivation, past life regression, akashic records, clearing of negative energies and other areas.

Clients are booking these sessions to address physical, emotional and mental matters including:

  • Physical, Mental or Emotional Pain & Illness

  • Present and Past Life Trauma

  • Relationship Restoration

  • Spiritual Detachment for Donor Organ Recipients

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Spiritual Contracts

  • Personal Strongholds (addiction, grief, anger, rebellion, etc.)

  • Generational Curses and Covenants

  • Energy Attachments

  • House Clearings

  • Land Clearings

  • and more...

The nature of this work can be life changing and challenging for some clients.  I support clients of various beliefs, cultural and religious backgrounds to address their personal requirements.  Please respect that I work with the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) and will work with you to find a balance between our collective backgrounds.

How does energy healing help us address “BLOCKAGES” & assist us with our personal journey?

BY... addressing the sub-conscious, releasing emotions, aiding to let go of beliefs you have bought into but don’t truly believe... and so many more ways. 

Check out my video to learn more. 

I’m available for in person and distance sessions world wide. So don’t hesitate to reach out and ask your questions. 

Have an amazing day & God Bless You with the Richness Of Life


Check out these videos to learn more about other energy healing options.

What to expect? 

Clients will typically relax by lying down on a massage table (or sit on a chair if they have mobility challenges), fully dressed.   The practitioner places their hands directly (or indirectly) on the client using a variety of non-invasive techniques.  Where there are injuries, personal areas or where clients are uncomfortable with being touched directly, the energy healing is done indirectly.

How many sessions will I need?

Results vary between individuals. It is recommended that clients go for 3-5 sessions, results maybe experienced immediately or over a number of sessions.


How long are sessions?

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.


Other Benefits:

Most people feel a sense of relief, relaxation and an overall feel an improved state of well being after even their first session.

Check out our available Packages for purchasing multiple sessions and options for booking a Free MIND BODY SOUL Consultation

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